Monday, January 21, 2008

Kids By The Dozen

Note: I am not Christi Cason and I don't know how to find her. Just a note for all those who ask.

Anyone who knows me well knows that I always wanted a big family. Since I can remember I always said that I wanted 6 kids. I didn't quite make it; we only have 4. If I had it to do over I probably would have gone for the 6.

I did however marry a man who was the baby of 12. Six girls and six boys.

There are about 65 grandchildren and probably around 20 or more great grandchildren. It makes for big and noisy family reunions!

With the writers strike doing away with new episodes of my favorites I've been surfing the channels more and I've found some really interesting new shows to watch.

My favorite is Kids by the Dozen on the TLC network. It is along the same lines as the shows they put on about the Dugger family.

It is educational and entertaining to watch these remarkable families in action. Each episode is about a different family. There are some really interesting ones. I can't say I would do everything the way they do, or that I agree with their decisions or the way they choose to live, but it is very interesting to watch.

I am amazed and impressed by the organization it takes. Some are better at it than others. There are great examples of living simply and there are examples of excess.

The one thing that has been evident in the episodes I've watched. There is a lot of love. No matter how crazy things get, they all seem to really love each other. That seems to be what makes it all work.

Another factor is that the parents, for the most part, seem to be extremely patient, even tempered people.

It is an enjoyable show and gives me a chance to indulge my fantasy of a house full of kids.

Pic: My husband's family in 1958. He is the adorable little guy, with the great big eyes, on the front row, far left. He was 3.


Sonny said...

I would be absolutely insane. I admire you with the four. The two I have are on the verge of slobs and I can't fathom the organization it takes to have more. I repeat,I would be insane well more so than I am now.

Christine said...

I always told Steve I wanted to have 6 kids. We got such a late start and now I'm 32 so we are thinking 3-4 tops. I keep telling him 4 at least! I came from a family of 6 kids and love the loudness and get togethers. I love that family photo you posted.

Christine said...

I love these shows too! I have 10 children, and I can vouch for how wonderful large families can be. :)

Shan said...


I just found your blog through Patty's blog Morning Ramble. How funny that you watch Kids by the Dozen and The Duggars - me too! I too wanted a large family, but God decided that 3 would be enough.

I just started a blog myself - so stop on by

Your new friend,

Christi_Momof14 said...

I am so glad to see this, it is nice to know people really enjoyed the shows on TLC.
I love the picture of your Husbands family, my Dad was #13 and my Mom was #11, both my grandmas had 13 living kiddos.
Christi Cason Mom to 14 kids
I am the Mom on one of the families on TLC.