Sunday, September 03, 2006

I love my camera...

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because I can take great pictures of bugs and stuff. I took this while Tyler and I were at Ijams. We love to go there for field trips. I took some great pictures of frogs in the bog there.

I would really like to learn to take portraits. I really like black and white photography. The problem is lighting. I don't want to invest in lights right now. Amanda, Jesse's gf, is a photographer. I am going to have to pick her brain for info.


lady laura said...


You won the drawing for the Davis Seminar tapes at my blog.

Email me with your address so I can send it out to you=)

Sarah Ellsworth said...

I just came to your blog via Like Merchant Ships. I am learning to take pictures of my kids. I have been really pleased with some of the pictures I've taken recently. I went to a photography class at a conference and the photographer gave the best tip...Put your child near a north facing window (mine are Northwest) and turn off your flash, you will get a portrait type picture. My little digital camera can do wonders when I do that.

I recently have purchased full size sheets from Walmart as backdrops (white and black). And I am hoping to get a web page up with some of my pictures for friends and family.

Carrie J said...

Thanks so much for the info. I really enjoy having a digital camera. It saves so much time and money. It is amazing what you can do with computer programs, even simple ones, to enhance your pictures.
A tip I learned from a friend is to use a white sheet of foam board or poster board held at an angle to reflect light onto the subjects face. I have found that holding it under their face eliminates a lot of shadows. If I can just master all the settings on my camera I'm sure I'll see an improvement in my pictures.

Emillionaire said...

Hello, I stumbled upon your site.
I don't find the different settings change all that much in the pictures unless it's a fancy Digital SLR camera. I just wanted to comment that your pics of bugs and stuff do look great - macro setting? They appear a bit 'oversaturated' to me though - I just think you'd be able to see more/they'd be more realistic if they were less intensely bright.

Photographer from Winnipeg who is now in Ohio: Emilie.

What kind of camera is it?
Good luck. TN said...

Hi Carrie, some one else asked you this question, but I didn't see the answer. (Maybe you didn't reply) What kind of camera do you have? The pictures are so georgous. I love the ones of the bugs!

Carrie J said...

Clara, It's a secret.

No,LOL, actually I forgot about this question. I'm not schooled in photography, I just enjoy is, so to tell the truth I'm not sure what a SLR camera is. And I certainly don't know how to change saturation of a picture. I have a Kodak EasyShare P850 digital. It is a 5.1 megapixal. I like it because it has various presets that are for different situations such as a sport setting for action shots, a fireworks setting, landscape, portrait, night settings, etc. But there is the options to set the shots yourself. That is what I want to learn more about. It also takes some video. I wanted a camera that would allow me to print out enlargements of my children and have them be clear. This on serves that purpose well. The one thing I do know about digital cameras is that when you buy one that has a zoom, you want an optical zoom instead of digital zoom. If I understand correctly digital zoom just takes a picture and enlarges it from the original distance. Optical zoom actually zooms in closer. I think that is right. If someone reading this can explain it better, please do. Anyway, I bought my camera at Sam's club. They have some good deals if you are looking for one.