Saturday, November 17, 2007

Saturday Savings: Free Candy!

Maybe one of these days I'll get around to posting something besides pictures of gorgeous leaves and stuff I have bought. Life is as crazy as usual even though I thought it might slow down some by now. I've been cleaning and sorting and clearing out my closets and storage. Even with several trips to drop off stuff at the thrift store there is more to go yet.

I haven't gone to the grocery store yet this week, that is scheduled for later today. I know our Krogers has Betty Crocker Au Gratin potatoes for .99 and I have .35/1 that will be doubled to .70 so I plan to stock up on those.

The first picture is off my Target trip. I got the Stove Top with the Target coupons from their kiosk for .29 each.

The Head and Shoulders was on clearance for $5, I paid $3 with a $2/1. The Aussie was on clearance for .62. The Reveal light bulbs were on sale for $2 and I had $1/1 so I stocked up for $1 a box.

The Mr. Clean erasers were a trial size for .84. I can't really see that they are any smaller than regular. I got them with .50/1 coupons so they were .34 each. I love those things! So I was excited to get those so cheap. The Pledge duster was .74 after a $3/1.

My favorite deal this week was from Walgreens. The Turtles candy was on sale and after an Easy Saver coupon which made them .99 and stacking with $1/1 coupons from 09-16 SmartSource flier in the paper they were free! There were 12, only 11 now, but I can't imagine what happened to the other one...ahem....anyway, these will be used as stocking stuffers and gifts . I might have a few more items to add to this later today after I finish my shopping. Meanwhile, check out Crystal's blog for more money saving reports. Update: More free stuff. Farm Rich Mozzarella sticks on sale at Food City 5/$5. I had $1/1 from the 9/16 Smartsource flier so they were free. The Lea & Perrins was from a coupon printed out at Kroger for a free bottle.
The No Yolks pasta was .99 at Kroger and I had .50/1, which was doubled, from the 10/o7 Valassis flier.
At Kroger, Wal Mart and Food City I spent a total of $53.12 out of pocket for $121.29 before coupons. My best deals there were Betty Crocker potatoes for .29 after doubling .35 coupons from the 10-7 GM flier and Ro Tel tomatoes for .17after doubling .30 coupons. Also Herbal Essence haircolor for $1.97 after $5/1 from the 10/14 PG flier.

My budget right now is to try to average $50. I'm getting closer and actually will be below that I believe after the holidays. I had coupons for everything, including the fruit and veggies, except the sweet potatoes and the cheese.

Kraft cheese is on sale at Kroger 3/$5 with a catalina for $1 off your next order with purchase of 3, buy 4 get $2, buy 5 or more get $3. I didn't know that or I would have picked up at least 1 more. I know there is a Post cereal deal going on at Kroger until the Dec 2 where you buy Post cereal and get $ off your next order.

Buy 2 get$1

Buy 3 get $2

Buy 4 or more and get $3

All must be purchased at one time

I think I'll be concentrating on fresh foods for the next few weeks now that my pantry is well stocked. It is a great feeling.


Anne said...

Where did you get the 1/1 coupons for the Turtles candy?
Anne :)

Carrie J said...

They came from 09-16 SmartSource from the paper. They expire 12-31. I almost missed this deal until my daughter pointed it out to me. This week has been a good one for free stuff.

cjan said...

Hi Carrie,
Thanks for visiting my Blog! I just came into yours. You do great coupon Shopping. It wouldn't really help me though, for I cook mostly from scratch and buy in Bulk... I find it's the cheapest and healthiest way to go. You live in Tennessee? Our daughter and son live in Hendersonville. We just got back from there and a long drive home of 2500 miles. (See on my blog.)
Have a great Thanksgiving!

Carrie J said...

Jan, I would consider it unhealthy if I ate nothing candy and cheesesticks too.
I don't always post pictures of the fresh food I buy unless I get a great deal.
But as you can see I buy fresh fruit, oatmeal, wholegrain breads and pasta, vegetables etc. The candy is a treat and to be used as gifts. The cheesesticks will be eaten over the winter during mostly football games. They aren't a staple of our diet.
I used to buy many items in bulk and still do a few but I find that I spend less this way than when I bought mainly items in bulk. It just works better for our family.
Hendersonville is a ways from us. I've been there once I think. Quite a long drive for you.
Thanks for stopping by.

Debbie J. said...

What a haul! You have been extremely smart in your food shopping. Don't you love a well stocked pantry?

Carrie J said...

Debbie, I always get what I call "Little House Syndrome" this time of year. I'm not happy or comfortable facing a winter with an empty pantry. I think it comes from growing up on a farm and always preparing for winter. Whatever the reason it helps me sleep better at night. LOL

Shop girl said...

This is fab. I believe in saving money where ever you can. You have done well. We don't get doubles here on coupons here...that would be a blessing. You Go Girl!