Saturday, October 20, 2007

Saturday Savings: Making out like a Bandit.

Ok. Not quite a bandit. I mean I'm not getting everything for 25 cents on the dollar like some of you but shopping here in East Tennessee has been pretty good this week. I wish I could get triple coupons like some of you guys. That would be awesome. Then I would feel like a bandit!

Our business is seasonal. During the winter months sales drop way off. My goal with couponing is to get our pantry and freezer as stocked as possible for the winter. I am not worried about sticking to a specific dollar amount at this time, even though the less I spend the better of course.

I want to be able to average around $40 during the winter months. That is when things will get interesting around here. I have enough of most toiletries after this trip, but it is really hard to stop buying when things are so reasonably prices. I plan on donating items to the Mission of Hope program which distributes items to people in the Appalachian area.

I took this picture, then after I started putting everything away, realized that I had forgotten to add an entire bag of groceries to the picture.

At Krogers I got:

2 pkgs. 12 count Scott TP: $4.99 after $1/1

5 Armour Sausage links: .25 each after .75 cent Armour coupon.

2 Granola Bars: Free after 2 $2/1 cpns.

4 Tuna: .60 each

2 pkgs Flat bread: .99 each(clearance)

Taster's Choice: 2 free after BOGO coupon.

2 Healthy Choice Pannis: .50 each after doubled .50 cpn.

24 pk. Goody powder: $1.50 after $2.50 store coupon

Veggie Lovers Salad Mix: On clearance @ .99

4 Hormel Vegatarian Chili: I think the coupons were .35 so doubled to .70. It was on sale 10/$10 so that would make it .30.

9 Campbells Soup in Hand: .80 after 3 $1/3 and 2 $1 Catalinas.

12 Campell Select Soups: .85 cents each after .40/2 coupons.

8 Sunsilk products: .75 each after $2/1 and store coupons.

Not pictured was:

Milk: Half Gallon for $1.50

8 Softsoap liquids: .30 each after .35 coupon.

Total before coupons: $111.37

Total after coupons: $59.60 Tx incld.

CVS: I got 2 of the Crest Night effects after the BOGO coupon and my $3 ECB: .62 out of pocket and I got $6.58 in ECB back.


6 Skippy Peanut Butter: .75 each after .75 coupon

4 Renuzit Trigger Spray Fabric and Air Freshner: .75 each after .75 coupon.

3 Robitussin: .99 each after $3 coupon

3 Cough drops: Free after tear off coupon found in store.

4 Taster's Choice stick pacs: Free after $1/1 (Got those in the paper)

2 Gillette deodrants: On clearance for $1.09 each. Paid $1.18 for both after $1/2 coupon

Total: $12.79 Tx incld.

I think my best deal is the Taster's Choice stick pacs for free. I have been able to find, and been given many of those coupons. I have about 150 free cups of coffee in my pantry. I never knew that I liked Taster's Choice coffee before but I really do! I'll be buying some of this after my coupons are gone.

I wanted to pass on that I found a link this week to Coffee-Mate. If you sign up they supposedly send you a weeks worth of product to try for free. Better hurry, you have to sign up by the 31st of Oct.

Check out Crystal's blog for more reports on deals people found this week.


Angie said...

WOO HOO fun shopping huh. This is so addicting I think. I get a high off saving so much on all the things we use. I am so glad we got into this. I need to post my shopping this week on my blog.

Carrie J said...

It is fun! LOL. It took me almost as long to type the post as doing the shopping did! LOL.

Rebecca said...

I know what you mean about the typing, but I do love a good deal!